Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку для учащихся 7 классов

Иванченко Лилия Абдулбаровна
Учитель английского языка
КГУ «СОШ №11»

7th Form



I.Соотнесите названия животных и их детенышей:


a. A dog

1. A lamb

b. A cat

2. A piglet

c. A horse

3. A calf

d. A hen

4. A duckling

e. A cow

5. A puppy

f. A sheep

6. A kid

g. A duck

7. A turkey-poult

h. A pig

8. A foal

i. A goat

9. A kitten

j. A turkey

10. A chicken



II.Допишите ставшие поговорками сравнения:


1. As dumb as a …

2. As cowardly as a …

3. As slow as a …

4. As hungry as a …

5. As talkative as a…

a. hare b. magpie c. fish d. wolf e. tortoise



III.Догадайтесь, в каких странах живут эти народы: напишите название стран



1.The Chinese live in ______________ .

2.The Canadians live in ______________ .

3.The French live in ______________ .

4.The Italians live in ______________ .

5.The Greeks live in ______________ .

6.The British live in ______________ .

7.The Americans live in ______________ .

8.The Germans live in ______________ .

9.The Japanese live in ______________ .

10.The Russians live in ______________ .



IV.Составьте сложные слова:


1.foot a) fast

2.hop b) heart

3.break c) man

4.home d) market

5.super e) scotch

6.leapf) frog

7.after g) ball

8.grand h) work

9.sports i) noon

10. sweat j) parents



V.Найдите антонимы – слова, противоположные по смыслу:

Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку для учащихся 7 классов

happy free dry shy soft smile

hard dirty clean

wet talkative light sad thin

dark strict fat cry kind



10 points

VI.Насколько хорошо Вы знаете Великобританию?

Выберите правильный вариант ответа:


1. London stands on the … .

a) Thames

b) Severn

c) Avon

2. The Queen’s official London home is … .

a) the Tower of London

b) Windsor Castle

c) Buckingham Palace

3. The British traditionally drink tea at … .

a) 4 o’clock

b) 5 o’clock

c) 6 o’clock

4. Taxis in London are usually … .

a) green

b) black

c) yellow

5. Who wrote stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes?

a) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

b) Agatha Christie.

c) Jack London.

6. Where do men wear kilt?

a) In England.

b) In Scotland.

c) In Wales.

7. What are the colours of the British flag?

a) Blue, red, white.

b) Red, green, black.

c) White, blue, brown.

8. On December 25 the British celebrate … .

a) St. Valentine’s Day

b) Easter

c) Christmas

9. … is the British Queen.

a) Alexandra II

b) Diana II

c) Elizabeth II

10. Daniel Defoe was a famous English … .

a) scientist

b) writer

c) artist


Total: 60 points

7th Form



I.Подберите подходящие пары:

Грамматическое время

Вспомогательный глагол

Смысловой глагол

Present Continuous

1. was / were

A. + V2, -,? V1

Present Simple

2. shall / will

B. Ving

Past Continuous

3. did

C. + V1 (-s) -,? V1

Past Simple

4. do / does

E. Ving

Future Simple

5. am / is / are

D. +,-,? V1

+ утвердительные предложения

-отрицательные предложения

? вопросительные предложения

V – форма смыслового глагола


II.Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

1. Do they live in Almaty?

A. Yes, they do. B. No, they didn’t. C. Yes, they live.

2. Where were the children playing at 3 o’clock yesterday?

A. In the school yard. B. For 2 minutes. C. Yesterday.

3. Are there any pillows on the sofa?

A. Yes, there aren’t any. B. Yes, there is a cat on the sofa. C. Yes, there are some.

4. When will you come back?

A. Yesterday. B. Next Thursday. C. We shall fly to Paris.

5. Who is talking to Nancy?

A. She talks too much. B. Her cousin is. C. Her father.

6. Did you work in the garden 2 hours ago?

A. Yes, we do. B. No, I didn’t. C. Yes, he worked a lot.

7. Have you ever seen a kangaroo?

A. No, we didn’t see it. B. Yes, I’ve seen it in the Zoo. C. Yes, they live in Australia.

8. How long has Jim been studying Chinese?

A. For 3 years. B. 3 years ago. C. In China.

9. How much does it cost?

A. It cost 200 tenge.

B. It was too expensive for me.

C. One hundred and fifty-nine pounds.

10. Are you going to buy these jeans?

A. Yes, I buy. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I do.


III.Распределите глаголы по произношению окончания:

smiled, counted, brushed, decided, studied, worked, cleaned, wanted, hoped, stayed.







Total: 30 points

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