Ашық сабақ: Менің хоббиім / My hobby

Дузенова Гульдана Женисовна
Учитель английского языка
Мосалевская СШ

Type of the lesson: combined lesson

Form of the lesson: generalization and practicum

Total time: 45 min

Methods and forms of work: individual (to make up monologue), group (work in groups, discussing, brain-storming, work with video) and frontal (solving problem situations).

Equipment of the lesson: computer, projector, book Ayapova T., Uakpayev D., Abildayeva Z., cards, visual aids, handouts, Power Point Presentation.

Type of the lesson: systematization learned material according the theme "Hobby”

Aims of the lesson:


·to enable students to use present participle and constructions;

·to develop pupil’s speaking skills on the theme "Hobby”.


·to develop pupils’abilities in speaking, writing, reading skills;

·to express their own opinions;

·to improve their pronunciation, memory, to enrich students’ outlook.

Up bringing:

·to motivate the students in learning the foreign language;

·to create an English speaking atmosphere and work in groups.

Forms of work: individual, group, work in pairs

Equipment: desk, cards, computer, projector, presentation Power Point, schemes, etc.

Procedure of the lesson





I.Organization moment

Aim: to prepare pupils to work and to set them on the effective work during the lesson

- Good morning boys and girls. I am very glad to see all of you. Sit down , please.

- Who is on duty today?

- Pupil 1:I am on duty today.

- What date is it today?

- Pupil 1: Today is the 6th of April.

- What day of the week is it today?

- Pupil 1: Today is Wednesday.

-Who is absent today?

- Pupil 1: All are present.

- Ok! Thank you. It is time to start our lesson. Today we will speak about different hobbies that people enjoy in their free time. I’d like you to tell our guests and your classmates about your hobbies and what you prefer doing in your leisure time. Also we’ll find out what activities British and Kazakh people enjoy in their free time.





Speech exercise


-At first, let`s do a phonetic exercise. Listen to the me and repeat after me all together. I want you to be attentive and active now.

I like running. Look at me.

I like jumping. Do it with me.

I like dancing. Look at me.

I like swimming in the sea.

-And now let’s discuss about our theme. Dear pupils do you agree or disagree with this statements: Murat, please…

- «Hobbies differ like tastes».

- «Active life and interesting hobbies make you feel happy».



Checking-up the home task

-I think it is a high time to check your home task. Let’s remember Tom, Sam, you have learned at home.

: Look at the smart board. Fill in the missing words





playing tennis
























Presenting new lesson

-So, let`s continue our lesson. I want to ask you a question. What is a hobby? Can you give a determination?

- Pupil 1:A hobby is an activity that you like to do.

- Yes, you are very clever. A hobby is that you enjoy or like to do in your free time on a regular basis or every time.

Dear pupils let’s complete the diagram:


Ашық сабақ: Менің хоббиім / My hobby





Watching the video


-Watch the video and say what hobbies are unusual that the British have.

3 Unusual Hobbies to Try (Or Not)

Nicely it's kind of what I had in mind when i sat down to do this scrapbooking stamp collecting doily making yeah we've all been there done that so here's a list of more unusual hobbies that will keep you out of the craft store first extreme ironing rock climber fell short aka steam started this over a decade ago when he came home to a pile of ironing to beat the board and he decided to do it on the edge of a cliff into western Gulf helping to this point and sometimes they just used the times they laugh times they ignore you but it's always fun to see how people respond to it and in the end of the day is a bit of fun people enjoy by ironing underwater upside down on a climbing wall and while plunging toward the ground at a terminal velocity of a hundred and fifty miles per hour next up yarn bombing and bombing is when somebody goes out in the community and they just kind of randomly pick a site in they do something with you are you can be needed directly onto anything outside like a tree or attached to a fence this is a project it'll be hanging from a tree in this is a form of yarn bombing it's a hobby anyone can enjoy it takes you back to your child likes Elton working with craft tutorials you're not worried about are you fine artist is this gonna go to gallery I love putting things out in the community in the right of where we're making nobody really knows who did it

third on the list revamping cassette tapes to be learning how to make one of

the guys that but the coin purse and you can make books party decorations or even

art and it's not just the unschooled tape it's getting a second life we ended up

wanting to pass significant large piece in the home Chris McCullough created

this cassette James Brown took points to do riding the hobby horse off the beaten path on the to do it

-Let’s answer following questions:

1. How many top unusual hobbies do they have?

2. What is extreme ironing?

3. What is yarn bombing?

4. What they can with cassette tapes?




-OK, very good. The next task for you. You are to read short texts and guess what hobby is it? Is it clear?

Such people like to visit different cities, towns and historical places. Some people even visit other countries. They can travel by car, by plane, by train, by bus or on foot. This hobby helps them to learn history, geography and traditions of different people and countries.-Pupil : Travelling


People like to spend their free time near the rivers or lakes . They often go there with their friends or relatives . They can have a picnic there. They go usually there in summer but some people like to go there in winter too . Also they can boil fish broth ( soup ) after going there. -Pupil 1:Fishing

This hobby is interesting and useful. People try to find or buy different things such as stamps, badges, coins, pictures and dolls. Their collection can be thematic. This hobby helps people to make new friends and to learn some new things about countries and lands, animals and birds, famous people and historical events. -Pupil 3: Collecting


This hobby is popular with the people of all ages. People like to go to the stadium or to the sports ground. They are strong and healthy. Their hobby helps to develop their mind and body and teaches them to plan their time.-Pupil 2: Sports


People like to go to the library. Some of them have a good collection of books at home. And they are really proud of it. They can have different books: fiction, historical novels, books about animals and birds, books about different countries. Their hobby helps them to relax, to learn the world and understand people better. -Pupil 4 : Reading




-The next task. Make up stories about your hobbies using the information from these texts and the plan.

The plan:

ž My hobby is …

ž It helps me…

ž I can…

ž My hobby is very interesting because …

ž I think it is …




-Do you like sport? Let’s show our guests how we play different sport games.

- How do you play basketball?

- How do you play volleyball?

- How do you play tennis?

- How do you ski?

- How do you play football?

- How do you run?


Ашық сабақ: Менің хоббиім / My hobby





1)- The next exercise you will do in your exercise books. Look at the blackboard. There are some letters. The task is to make up the words on topic «Hobbies» . Open your text books and write down these words.

den- gar-ing (gardening)

ing-vell-tra (travelling)

sp-ts-or (sports)

lec-ting- col (collecting)

ad-re-ing (reading)

da-ing-nc (dancing)


sh-fi-ing ( fishing)

ing-lk-wa ( walking)

-Well done. You are very clever pupils.


Ашық сабақ: Менің хоббиім / My hobby





















Giving home task

1)- Your homework will be to write an essay about your hobbies using the plan on the topic " My hobby”

The plan:

ž My hobby is …

ž It helps me…

ž I can…

ž My hobby is very interesting because …

ž I think it is …

2)- and do this crossword





-Now, it is time to make a conclusion of our lesson. So, today we’ve spoken about our hobbies.

Did you like the lesson? Why?

What was new for you?






I can

Мен істей аламын

Топпен жұмыс жасағанда, әр кезеңде өзімді жақсы сезіндім

Сабақ маған өз-өзіме сенімді болуды, тәртіпті болуды үйретті

Мен топпен жұмыс жасай аламын, жұмысқа септігімді тигіземін, әр адамға сыйластықпен қараймын

Өзіме өзім дұрыс баға қоя білемін


- Well, it was my pleasure to work with you today. As for me I am glad to see that you have done a good job. You have prepared good reports and good dialogues. You were active at the lesson. I am going to give you 5marks.

-Stand up!

- The lesson is over.

- Good buy. See you at the next lesson.



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